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No problem what electronic device you use, no problem what kind of equipment it is, if it use electronic components inside, it is scope of our service and support. Production lines with electronic control, computerized conduction systems and other electronic equipment are subject to our service and support. Our partners overseas and theirs collaboration is a great chance to solve your problems in time without delay, because we appreciate your business time.


Science and technology development today is based on the electronic field. There is not any manufacture or production line that does not use Electronic devices and electronic solution. If you need service, repair or support for whatever electronic device, we have the right and sure solution for your business. Try to contact us and really you had made the right selection. Our service is fact, secure, on time, worthwhile, best prices, best standards . . .

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Our Services

  • Dedicated Work

    Specific solution in specific cases depend on the relevant issue.

  • Best In Biomedical Market

    We offer the best biomedical Service with experienced engineers . . .

  • Web Design & Web Host

    Web design and web Host service on best prices that you can afford

  • Global Service on Time

    We have a good support from our international partners . . .

Latest News
  • 12th

    PANÇI Elestronic

    We successfully completed a contract for Web design, web host for DNS-Medikal.

  • 18th


    Signed a contract with DNS-Medikal for Medical Engineering and IT Support.