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On this space I would like to thank a lot, my best friend from Athens, Greece, Mr. Kostas Mpouroutis, an electronic Engineer working on wide range of electronics field. I have spend a wonderfull time with him and I have been lucky to meet him. More about my friend you can find on it's personal site on following link:

A very interesting club, with much interesting electronic themes is on this link. Here you can find, electronic studies, Books, Electronic elemens distributors, Electronic applications, and schematic diagrams that you can do it yourself.

Computer related link on this section, detailed information for every operatng system and softwares.

For the peoples fans of LINUX operation System

For peoples fans of apple Operation System.

Everything abaut Albanian Links here

Dear Visitors! Electronic links on the web are endless so you can find more and more, during browsing links provided on this page. Of course these links provided here are not "the best of", but we think they are more useful and helpful for peoples engaged on electronic field applications. On this point we confirm that you freely can browse mentioned links, but you are not authorized to use their content without their permission. If you find anything you need on these links, please contact relevant owner and ask them for authorization. For the peoples interested on different kinds of scripts there is a very useful link here. And something interesting regarding with site building and site wizard building you can find on this link. Hope we gave you a wide range electronic related links on this section, but please advise us, if you have yours. . .

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