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We offer as well telecommunication service, mainly transmitting and diffusion on ultra high frequencies for mobile telecommunication companies. Installations and commissioning for digital transceiver equipments of mobile telecommunication network, TV transceiver and cable television etc. Installation, programming, and commissioning of digital satellite transceiver equipments, for video broadcasting, television, and telecommunication packs etc. . .


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  • Dedicated Work

    Specific solution in specific cases depend on the relevant issue.

  • Best In Biomedical Market

    We offer the best biomedical Service with experienced engineers . . .

  • Web Design & Web Host

    Web design and web Host service on best prices that you can afford

  • Global Service on Time

    We have a good support from our international partners . . .

Latest News
  • 12th

    PANÇI Elestronic

    We successfully completed a contract for Web design, web host for DNS-Medikal.

  • 18th


    Signed a contract with DNS-Medikal for Medical Engineering and IT Support.