Electronic service according to your needs, Industrial, computer, telecommunication, Biomedical etc ...

    Biomedical Engineering

    Service, Repair, Installing, commissioning, testing and calibration of electronic medical devices.

    Computer & IT Solution

    Computer service, Hardware and Software service, Network, Programming, Web-design and Host solution.


Industrial Electronic Service


Biomedical, Medical devices Support

WEB Host

Network, Server and Host solution

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Welcome Pançi Electronic

You are using electronic equipment and something is not going well ?!

Don't worry, we are here to service and support you doing the best for you and your bussiness. We can support you in general Industrial electronic service, Telecommunication, Computer, Interior Network, International Network, Data Communication, Server Solution, Web Design and Web Hosting solution.

Biomedical Support, Installing, testing and calibaration of electronic medical equipment in Hospital and private clinics in Albania or in abroad . . .

About Us

We are on Electronic service field, since 1989 Year and our 20 year experience on this field ensure us the success forever...

Pançi Electronic Service is a bussines partner that you can rely on . . .

Why Choose Us

We have a brillant experience on the filed of electronic Services.

We have a great standart of service and the best support to the costommer. The most importante thing for us, is the quality of the service.

We cover a wide range of electronic services so, we have your bussines solution, whatever it is.

We have the best solution on the short periode of time, with international standard of quality and warranty plicy that worthwhile to you . . .

Our Services

  • Dedicated Work

    Specific solution in specific cases depend on the relevant issue.

  • Best In Biomedical Market

    We offer the best biomedical Service with experienced engineers . . .

  • Web Design & Web Host

    Web design and web Host service on best prices that you can afford

  • Global Service on Time

    We have a good support from our international partners . . .

Latest News
  • 12th

    PANÇI Elestronic

    We successfully completed a contract for Web design, web host for DNS-Medikal.

  • 18th


    Signed a contract with DNS-Medikal for Medical Engineering and IT Support.