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Cellular service

Mobile phone Service, Unlock & Programming

Mobile phones service

The Cellular Service is one of most important part of our services that we offer. Here we would like to explain something important because the cellular Service is a relatively new and un-known service for the public. Because of this, more peoples are laid everyday by un-authorized and un-known, fake technicians that attempt to repair even on most complicated area of integrated circuits of mobile devices, hoping to do something to profit as much as they can. Mobile devices, are very sensitive component devices, and on most of these components it is not possible to repair anything, so everybody have to know that a very few processes can be done during service a mobile device.

But what kind of services and repairs include cellular Service?
Smart phones

Not only simple workshops and low technicians, but even manufactures that produce these kind of devices are not able to repair every fault on mobile phones. So bear on your mind, not every fault can be repaired on mobile phones. The RF module (Network detection) on the mobile phones is the most complicated section on mobile devices. There are a lot of faulty components that may cause no service on your mobile phone. So repair of this block rather is NOT possible. Only fault on the power amplifier can be repaired. If there is a faulty medium frequencies block or discriminator of the signal, it is not possible to repair anything. Of course we can detect the fault before attempt to repair it, and we make repair, only if we are sure that the fault is repairable.

Unlock Mobile phones

    In several cases Mobile devices are locked by the operators because they need, you to be connected only to theirs network. That's why, big companies over the world lock mobile phones to work only on theirs netowrk. If you buy a mobile phone in a company brand name shop, Vodafone, T-Mobile, Wind, or somewhere else, for sure you have purchased a locket device. This mean you cannot use this device on other network operators. On this case you need to unlock your phone and than you can use it with whatever mobile network.

    This is normal procedure for the operators, but not for the customers. On this cases the mobile phones need to be unlock and this is not an easy procedure, because, during unlock procedure, program damage may occurs and may cause dead phone. Recovery of the phone parameters on these cases is not an easy procedure, so be careful, before you ask for mobile phone service or unlock, be sure on the knowledge of the person that is working on your mobile phone. We offer service, repair and unlock of almost all mobile phone brands, and our service is guaranteed.

Tablet repair

Unlock mobile phone - Sometime does not worthwhile. Let say, unlock an old iPhone have no sense. To unlock iPhone brand need time and cost a lot of money. But to unlock a mobile phone that is out of technical support make no sense. So on this situation better no service for the customer than a service that do not serve for the customer.

Symptoms of failures on mobile phones that we can find solution
  • 1.Mobile phone works good in general, but get hot.
  • 2.Mobile phone have short life span battery.
  • 3.Mobile phone have difficult to connect to wireless network.
  • 4.Mobile phone does not charge.

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