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Computer Service

Computer Service

Pc Service

We sell computers and different accessories of computer field, also we offer support for our customers continuously on the best way. If you need support regarding with your computer, network, printers, scanners and/or others hardware or software problems, choosing our company is your best choice. If you have lost your data on your computer, and them are valuable for your company, don't worry, we can found and restore your data, using data recovery software for all operations systems and every kind of partitions of your hard drivers. . .
We have a lot of experience also on installing of infrastructure of computer network system. We make installing testing and commissioning of computer network systems, including all theirs specific components.

We make DATA Backup and Restore Service

Broken HDD, virus damages or whatever data lost, is another service of computer field, where we have a very good experience. It is our specialty to found and restore your data lost. We know that your data are very important for you and for your business so we have the best solutions to find and restore your lost data.
No matter who caused your data lost: the virus, physical damage or deleted by negligence, we have perfect software that can find and restore your data. We offer all computer programs for your needs, full compatible, full registered, and full updated for all operations systems according to your needs. Our service is guaranteed, you have to pay nothing if your device cannot be repaired. Our company has been specializing in providing quality computer repair and support service. With many satisfied customers, home PC users and business owners alike, our company has been acquiring new customers every day.
PANÇI Electronic Offer also almost all kinds of field services on computer field, including installing specific software and theirs updates specific computer software tools to protect your computers as well as hardware upgrade for all computers brands. We have full solution for all operation systems, Windows, Linux, Unix, Macintosh, Sun, or whatever open source systems you have or you need.

Computer service
Other services on Computer Service field
  • 1.Installing full operation system.
  • 2.Installing specific software tools.
  • 3.Installing hardware and hardware update.
  • 4.Installing testing and calibration of CPU.
  • 5.Installing testing and calibration of RAM.
  • 6.Formatting, Re-Formatting Installing, testing HDD

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