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Network Service
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The time that we are living is the time of technology, and technology now cannot be imagined without Network. Today everything is on the network, no problem if something is part of a small network or it is incorporated on wide world web. On meantime the triple www is the most well-known word for everybody and with no doubt it is the most used expression on the world.
We are glad to tell you that PANÇI Electronics take place on the first lines of this most comprehensive technology on the world. We offer network service with all its complexity, starting from first steps to install and setup small network infrastructure, up to complex network security service as well as network connection and switching in most complicated situations on wired and wireless networks and cloud services.

Network service on all its complexity of infrastructure.
Network Solution

Cabling and setup of wired network is the first step of a network service. But managing and security of the network are the first challenges to take in consideration. Controlling and secure switching of different equipment on the network is also the first step to take in consideration.
We offer full server installing service with contemporary means and technology giving you and your company the full IT solution. We can install and manage servers on all Operations Systems platforms on Windows, Linus, Unix or San and Mach depend on your request and what we see more confident and secure for you and your business.
Security of the network is a very big challenge on the current time because today everything is connected on the internet network. This mean a huge number of hackers are surfing on the internet and try to attach everything they find on the net. On this situation keeping secure your devices on this unsecure environment is a very big challenge and very difficult process. We at PANÇI Electronics, offer the best and most secured network devices and best compressive software solution to secure your company network.

Other network services
  • 1.Managed and unmanaged network systems.
  • 2.Set up and configure small and large workgrous.
  • 3.Hardware virtualization and remote control solution.
  • 4.Host and cloud service according to your needs.
  • 5.Website design, programming and codinng with most modern styles.
  • 6.IT solution and specific software according to your needs.

Web Design and Hosting service - provide modern web design methods to create most beautiful and attractive websites for our customers. The presence of you and your business on the largest world community is very important, so we try to do the best to represent you on this big community. You select domain that fit you, we finish all other processes, from domain registration up to hoisting service and then you have the website you dreamed for.

Other IT and Network Solution
  • 1.Unlimited hosting space.
  • 2.Unlimited subdomain hosting.
  • 3.Unlimited my SQL databases and e-comerce.
  • 4.Search engine optimization, SEO.
  • 5.Unlimited e-mail addresses and customer support.
  • 6.e-Mail forwarding and autoresponding, etc.

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