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We are working hard to build a reputation of customer satisfaction through technical excellence and friendly staff
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MAC Repair
We cover full computer brands service repair and upgrade, whatever OS they are Windows, MAC, Linux, Sun, etc.
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Phone Service
We provide full service for Mobile phones, Smart phones, iPhones, Android phones, Service, Unlock, Programming, etc.
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Tablet service
We make service for tablet devices, iPhones, iPads, and all other brands of tablet devices, hardware and software service.
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Computer service
We provide hardware service for Computers, Laptop, and other electronic devices, Hardware & Software Service.
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Network Solution
Full Network Solution, Programming, Coding, Web pages, Server solution, Hosting solution, Cloud Service, everything you need.
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Power supply
Electronic service for industrial equipment, power supply service. Electronic solution for for AC & DC power modules.
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Biomedical Service
Wide range equipment of Biomedical service. Service and calibration of electronic medical equipment.
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Electronic diagnostic
We use latest technologies diagnostic equipment and qualified engineers. We pursue technology & Science development.
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Service electronic
We CPU analyzing and upgrade. Sometimes upgrade process is worthy more than you buy a new device. We can find the best solution.
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Cloud service
We may help you to get your equipment all together. We offer cloud service, which means you can control all your electronics by remote.
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Electronic Service
We bring back to service, your faulty devices. You don't need to buy new one. We provide a worthwhile electronic service.
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